Yusuke Nagata

Born in 1972, Nagata wanted to be an engineer and thus attended Kumamoto Technical high school but out of a desire to succeed in the family business, he attended the Fukuoka YMCA International College and, after graduating, joined Hakone Hotel Kowaki-en where he worked for four years in various positions. He then joined Sozankyo at Asochinomaki Onsen in 1997. In 2010 he became a representative partner and is now in his 5th year as president. He was served as vice-president of the board of tourism in Aso City, Vice Chairman of the Aso Onsen and Inn Tourism Cooperative, and Executive Director of the Kumamoto Travel and Tourist Hotel Hygiene Board. He also serves as the manger of a youth sports club in Kumamoto, the head of a Kyushu-Okinawa club, and served as the head of general affairs and publicity and now as auditor for the All Japan Tourist Hotel Hygiene Board.

  • 3rd successor, Sozankyo (64 year old Ryokan)

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