Yuko Saito

Yuko Saito has been Managing Director for Southeast Asia since April 2013. She has taken charge of business expansion in nine countries and regions, including Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, India, Vietnam, Indonesia, and the Philippines. In September 2012, as Managing Director for Corporate Business Development and Operations APAC at the Criteo Tokyo office, Saito played a key role in negotiating a strategic alliance with Yahoo! Japan, making a significant contribution to solidifying Criteo’s position in Japan. Saito oversaw the preparations for Criteo’s entry into China and Singapore. She headed a cross-functional project team comprising local legal offices along with Criteo’s internal finance, legal, human resources, IT, and corporate planning departments at the head office in France, to establish locations in China (operations to commence in January 2014) and Singapore (operations commenced in October 2013).

Saito has a broad range of experience at organizations including Sony Corporation (1991-1994); Sony Corporation of America (1994-1996), the headquarters for Sony’s U.S. business operations; Sony Computer Entertainment, Inc. (1996-1997); Trans Cosmos (2000-2003); and Walt Disney, Internet Group (2003-2005), a business unit of The Walt Disney Company (Japan) Ltd. In 2005, Saito was appointed chief strategy officer and director for the game developer Q Entertainment Inc., overseeing a broad range of operations that included business strategy planning and implementation, financing, new business development, and marketing.

Saito holds an MBA from Harvard Business School.

  • Managing Director, South East Asia, Criteo

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