Naoe Miyata

Naoe Miyata is the CEO and founder of Coin⇌Back. The company is a social enterprise with a novel technology to make donations through offline crowdfunding at coin counting kiosks throughout departure terminals in local airports. Coin⇌Back is a unique platform to collect traveler’s leftover coins and redirects them into meaningful causes and for a bigger impact. Naoe and his team recently won the WIT Indonesia Startup Pitch 2015.

Naoe has a background in mechanical/electrical engineering in the automotive industry with experience in both Japan and the U.S. He recently received his MBA degree from Sasin Graduate Institute of Administration of Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok, Thailand. As a result, he has a strong background of technical experiences combined with a business and entrepreneurial acumen. Being a multilingual with international backgrounds in Japan, Taiwan, the U.S., and in Thailand, he is ready to disrupt the world and become one of the young successful entrepreneurs.

  • CEO & Co-founder, Coin⇌Back

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