Kiyoshi Takano

As Head of Information Systems Division, Kiyoshi Takano is responsible for the H.I.S. Group’s overall systems including those of outlet sales, human resources and finance and accounting in addition to its Internet businesses.

Starting his career at H.I.S. Co., Ltd. in 1993, he first engaged in sales at Shinjuku sales head office and, from 1995, web direction at Corporate Planning Division. Since early 1996 when the company’s website was officially released to public, he has been involved with H.I.S.’s Internet businesses: establishing its call center, launching mobile sites, and establishing e-Business Division in 2005, which accelerated online bookings. It was 2008 when he was posted to Information Systems Division after which he was appointed as its Senior General Manager (current position) in 2010.

  • Executive Officer, Senior General Manager, Head of Information Systems Division, H.I.S. Co.Ltd.

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