Hisashi Kashiwai

Born in Kyoto on May 22nd, 1952, Kashiwai graduated from Osaka Dental University and runs his own private dental clinic in the Kita Ward of Kyoto. He is also the author of themed essays about ‘Kyoto’ “Kyoto”, ‘Hitoritabi’ “Traveling Alone”, ‘Nihon Ryokan’ “Japanese Inns”, and ‘Shoku’ “Food”. From 2008, under the pen name “Kashiwagi Keiichiro”, Kashiwai has published mysteries focusing on Kyoto and has also served as a supervising consultant for television programs. His recent works include, ‘Kyoto No Rojiura – “Back Alleys of Kyoto”(Gentosha Literary Publication)’, ‘Tanpenshosetsu Shu – Kamogawashokudo Okawari – “A Collection of Short Stories: Seconds at Kamogawa Dining Spots”(Shogakukan)’, ‘Yururi Kyoto Ohitoriaruki No Tanoshimi – “The Pleasure of a Solitary Stroll through Kyoto”(Kobunsha)’ , and ‘Nakeru Nihon No Zekkei 88– “Japanese Scenery – Tears of Happiness”(EI Publishing)’.

  • Novelist & Writer

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