Reboot Family Businesses / ファミリービジネスとグローバルマーケットへ向けての挑戦

Many leading companies in East Asia, including Korea, Japan, Taiwan and China, are family businesses. Samsung, for instance, is a family-controlled conglomerate and it contributes to over 20% of the country’s GDP. McKinsey projects that, by 2025, an impressive 40% of the world’s large enterprises will be family or founder-controlled businesses from emerging markets. Studies have shown that family businesses in Asia tend to maintain stronger value, employee loyalty, entrepreneurship, and execution capability. But is that more myth than fact? This session gets under the skin of family-owned travel businesses.

Coffee with Yoshiharu Hoshino, President, Hoshino Resorts

Followed by panel
Ippei Ichijo, 20th generation,Yunushi Ichijo (ryokan)
Yuichi Hirata, 6th generation of Mukaitaki (ryokan)
Ichiro Kawanabe, Chairman, 3rd generation, Nihon Kotsu (JapanTaxi)

Co-moderator:Aya Aso, CEO, Agora Hospitalities